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Single Pack - Blue Accent

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Single Pack - Fuchsia Accent


It can be installed inside or outside of the door your dog uses, for coming in or going out. The color accent does not affect how it works. The receiver now has volume control.

Twin-Pack - Blue Accent

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Twin-Pack - Fuchsia Accent


It can be installed inside and outside of a door, for both coming in and going out. Instruction manual not shown is included. The color accent does not affect how it works. The receiver now has volume control.

2-Pack for the Same Door

Select receiver color accent below


Two packages on the same frequency, they can be installed on the inside and outside of the same door. Both receivers will ring at the same time. One receiver can be placed at a far corner of the house (e.g. in a basement room) for you to hear your dog better.

Select Receiver Color Accent

2-pack on different frequencies

2-Pack for 2 Doors

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2 twin-packs

2 Twin-Packs for 2 Doors

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4-Pack for Two Doors

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Same frequency: both receivers are triggered by both transmitters.

2 packs on the same frequency


Different frequencies: the two sets ring separately.

2 pack on the different frequencies.

Single Pack - Select

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So Mom and Dad: Which will it be?

Twin-Pack - Select

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Hear Me Better with Two Receivers

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transmitter with adaptor

Transmitter with Adapter Only

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Replacement and Additional Parts

You can order replacement adapter parts, additional receivers, and replacement transmitters.

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You can also purchase the Doggie Doorbell on The single packs, twin-packs, and 2-packs (same frequency) are available. The color accent can be selected on the product page.