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Single Pack

Single Pack


 It can be installed inside or outside of the door your dog uses, for coming in or going out. The receiver now has volume control. The housing is designed to be weather proof. It will shield the transmitter inside from rain and snow. It has been proven to work in various weather conditions. Extreme cold may affect battery performance to some degree.



Two single packages that by default work independently of each other. They can be connected to work together. We will include the instructions on how to do it with your purchase.




A discounted pack of 4 individual single packs. Although by default they work separately, they can be made to work together. Or you can make two of them work together on one door, another two for a different door. We will include instructions on pairing with your purchase.

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Twin-Pack - Blue Accent

Out of stock

2-pack on different frequencies

2-Pack for 2 Doors

Out of Stock

2 twin-packs

2 Twin-Packs for 2 Doors

Out of stock

Same frequency: both receivers are triggered by both transmitters.

2 packs on the same frequency


Different frequencies: the two sets ring separately.

2 pack on the different frequencies.

Single Pack - Select

Out of Stock

So Mom and Dad: Which will it be?

Twin-Pack - Select

Out of stock


Hear Me Better with Two Receivers

Out of stock


transmitter with adaptor

Transmitter with Adapter Only

Out of Stock

Replacement and Additional Parts

You can order replacement adapter parts, additional receivers, and replacement transmitters.

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You can also purchase the Doggie Doorbell on The single packs, twin-packs, and 2-packs (same frequency) are available. The color accent can be selected on the product page.