First, install two AA batteries (not included) into the Receiver. Then select a location to install the adapter.

Note: For dry wall, glass, and other fragile surfaces, please reference the alternative methods as well.

Mark the height of the dog's nose on the wall.
Measure the height of your dog’s nose against the wall. Clean the mounting area thoroughly.
Approximate position of the push plate after installation.
The height of the yellow push plate should be at about the same height of the dog’s nose after the adapter is installed.
Pull the bottom hook
Separate the cover from the housing by gently pull the bottom hook downward.
Slide the transmitter out of the housing.
Slide the transmitter out of the housing, bottom first.
Attach the amounting foam pad on the back of the housing.
Peel the protective paper off one side of the mounting foam. Attach the foam pad to the back of the housing.
Peel off the paper on the mounting tape.

Peel off the paper on the mounting tape to expose the adhesive. (For drywall or smooth surfaces like glass, expose only part of the adhesive. Or see alternative mounting methods.)

Firmly press the housing onto the wall.
Press the adapter housing firmly onto the mounting spot. Make sure the inside arrow points upward.
Pull tab to activate the transmitter battery.
Pull the tab in the back of the transmitter to activate the battery inside.
Place transmitter inside the housing.
Place the transmitter inside the housing with the button facing outward.
Put the cover back on.
Replace the adapter cover over the top ridge of the housing and hook it in at the bottom.
Push to test.
Test the doorbell by pressing the yellow push plate. It should require only a gentle pressure.
Ready to train
Start training your dog by dropping a piece of his favorite treat in the space behind the yellow push plate.