Here are a few mounting methods we recommend for special situations.

You can use other strong exterior mounting tape to mount the Doggie Doorbell on a rough surface. Make sure the surface is clean. Please be aware that these kind of mounting tapes are very strong. If the surface is fragile, such as a painted surface, later removal can damage it. Apply a couple of bands of the mounting tape on the back of the housing part. In an experiment, we mounted the Doggie Doorbell on a rough surfaced brick using the mounting tape. The Doggie Doorbell stayed on very well. We had to use a lot of force to pull it off the surface.

Recommended for dry-wall, glass, and other fragile surfaces. If you plan to move the mounting spot later or you want to make sure of a clean no-damage removal, we recommend using the 3M Command poster strips to mount the Doggie Doorbell. You can find this product easily in home stores. Get the small or medium poster or refill strips. Apply a few strips in the back of the housing part, leaving the tabs outside of the edge. During removal, pull the tape out by the tabs. (You can find demo videos for 3M Command on Youtube.)

Some dogs prefer to use their paws for everything. If your dog is an avid "pawer," you can mount the doorbell on the floor. Or better yet, mount the doorbell on a board that's wide enough to provide stability. That way, you can move the doorbell to different locations or even take the doorbell with you on your travel. Here are some pictures from a customer. They put non-skid stuff on the bottom of the boards. Because their dog likes to press to turn on tap lights, they taped the tap light covers on the Doggie Doorbell to help their dog learn. How ingenious!