Frequency Type-G Doorbells

Our doorbells use digital frequency. There are two types: G and H. Frequency type H is newly introduced for improved performance with longer working distance and better anti-interference abilities. Doorbell sets with the same frequency type can be connected to work together. The transmitter and the receiver within a single pack are already paired to work together. When you purchase a multi-pack, such as 2-pack or 4-pack, the individual sets of the pack can be connected to work together. When two sets are connected to work together, both transmitters will trigger both receivers. This is a good choice if you just want to use one receiver or if you want to use a second receiver in a far corner of the house where the first receiver cannot be heard clearly. When you install the doorbells at different doors and need to differentiate which door the dog is ringing at, it will be the best to leave the doorbells unconnected. They will trigger different receivers and you can set the receivers to different tones and be able to differentiate that way.

Frequency Type A and D Doorbells

In previous production batches, we used Frequency Type A and D. These are fixed frequencies. Different sets of Frequency A will work together. Different sets of Frequency D will work together. But Frequency A and D will not work together. In other words, they cannot be connected. Neither can they be connected with the doorbells of the digital frequency types.

Identify the Frequency Type

The Frequency Type is identified with a single letter before the serial number on the sticker label. Each transmitter and receiver has a sticker label.