We are currently working on Puppy Trek, a fun adventure board game for children and families.

Puppy Trek is an adventure board game for 2 to 4 players, age 6 to 116. The goal of the game is to help puppies get back home. The puppies travel on a winding path of 88 steps through meadows, mountains, and forest. Players practice decision-making when alternative paths are presented and learn to effectively use resource cards they gather along the way. Different animals will offer help and prompt players with various activities. A cunning fox asks a question and offers a resource card. A hooting owl shows the secret path. A chorus of frogs asks the player to join them in singing a song. The puppy who first gets back home wins!

Stay tuned. We will be updating this page as the development progresses. A Kickstarter campaign is in the plan, which will offer the opportunity to pre-order this game!

For more information, please email: info@pebblesmart.com.