Kirsty H., Dog Owner

Ireland |

“I had glass doors in my last house wrecked by my dogs. Not only were they covered in scratches they also always looked filthy. The dogs eventfully died of old age, we moved houses, and when we got a new puppy called Misty I started searching for ideas to prevent the scratched mess on the glass from our new puppy. While searching online I came across the Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell and decided to try it. It works perfectly. People seem amazed that a dog can do this, and the first question I am asked is how hard is it to train them to use. We found the treat pouch worked brilliantly. We had a short issue over a couple of days when she figured it out and kept ringing for attention/treats, but we got over that really quickly by opening the door and making her go out each time she rang (we only did this once she had mastered the physical ringing of the bell). She quickly realised ringing the outside bell once again opened the door and got her back in. We didn’t have to show her or teach her to use the outside bell (as it is identical to the inside one). Misty doesn’t jump on the glass at all. If she is impatient she just re-rings the bell. Sometimes I forget I’ve let her out, and she could be sitting outside waiting to get in unknown to me, so that doesn’t happen now as I can hear the bell anywhere in the house. She mastered toilet training the same week she mastered the bell (up to then she would pee on the mat at the door occasionally). The bell has pretty much put control of the door in her hands so we aren’t having any toilet accidents in the house now either. I’m really pleased with this product, and for this reason wanted to take the time to write a review for you, and provide you with a video of Misty using the doorbell so other dog-owners can see what a great product this is!

Thanks for a great invention!!”