Here are some fun training videos on how to use Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell. Enjoy! 

Molli, a 6-month old Cockapoo, started to touch the doorbell and made it ring within a few minutes of her first training session.

Misty in Ireland. One of the cutest videos. Thank you, Kirsty and Misty! With that trick mastered, Misty hasn't had any accident by the door!

Jennifer Biglan, a dog trainer in Eugene, OR, shows how to train a dog to use Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell, in minutes. Very good training information.

Training a small dog to use her paw, Helen Verte (, shows us the "horizontal to vertical" approach she developed.

Darlene, a pet therapy volunteer in Eugene, OR, talks about her and her dog Kozi's experience with the Doggie Doorbell.

Cooper's Dad: "I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your product! ... Like you advertise, no scratching! Training took no time at all..."

Scooter used to scratch the patio door to be let in. After some initial hesitation, Scooter learned to use her paws to push the Doggie Doorbell.

"The Brain of the Dobe!" At the Rose City Classic Dog Show, a black Doberman Pinscher quickly learns to ring the Doggie Doorbell.

Silly, a Black Lab at the Rose City Classic Dog Show, visiting our booth, started to ring the Doggie Doorbell with just a few minutes of training.

Pebble, on Christmas Day 2012, playing Santa, rang up a tune for the occasion. For the most part, we think he was just putting it up with his silly dad.

Tsabor the litte Bolonka Zwetna using the Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell.

Vegas, the little Cavalier, at the Rose City Classic Dog Show, got the idea to ring the doorbell so fast with clicker training.