The Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell was inspired by Pebble, a beautiful and gentle Whippet, and the first dog that Keith and his family have owned and fallen in love with. When Pebble started to scratch the door to be let in, Keith was reminded of all the scratched-up doors he saw at the homes of his dog-owning friends and their attitude of helplessness and resignation. He decided to find a solution. He devoted a year-and-half to research and design before perfecting a doorbell designed especially for dogs that is easy to install, easy to train with, and affordable.

An engineer by trade, Keith founded Pebble Smart LLC, a pet products business, with a mission “to bring more enjoyment to dog lovers and their dogs.”

For Keith, it is amazing that he is inventing and making products for dogs. Growing up in China, he was once chased and bitten by a vicious village dog. In a culture where dogs were considered lowly and dangerous, he never imagined owning a dog, let alone falling in love with one and building a business rooted in the world of dog-loving. According to him, his feeling toward dogs has gone through a gradual and complete transformation, from dog-loathing to dog-loving.

After shipping hand-built models locally and receiving enthusiastic response from trainers and dog lovers, the Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell was formally launched in January 2013. The story of the invention was broadcasted by CBS News, ABC News, and dozen other news channels nationwide. (See our press page.)


Our family enjoys having Pebble enormously. We feel through fun training activities the connection between us deepens. We hope that you will enjoy this product as much as we do and it will bring more enjoyment to your experience with your dog.