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Replacement parts, including housing parts, receivers, and transmitters are available. The price listed includes shipping and handling for all U.S. destinations. There will be an additional charge for international orders, shown during checkout.

The order quantity can be specified during the checkout process.

Adapter Parts

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Additional Receivers – Frequency Type G

$10 each. Additional receivers can be added to an existing set by pairing the transmitters to the receiver. The existing set needs to be of same frequency type as the receiver, Type G. Instructions are here.

Replacement Transmitter – Frequency Type G

$10 each. Any transmitter can be paired with your current receiver as long as they are both Frequency Type G. Instructions are here.

Before You Order: Most of the malfunctioning problems are due to low batteries. See FAQ for battery changing instructions. If you have already replaced the battery in the transmitter, please change the AA batteries in the receiver. When the AA batteries are low, the receiver may not receive signals properly, even although it may work by itself or with another transmitter. So, please give it a try.