Jackie T.

Harwood, MD |

“We got the Pebble Smart to keep our German Short-haired Pointer, Shiner (pictured below with his sister Blinkie), from getting mud all over the slider door. Since he already knew how to “touch” objects, he caught on right away, to get a treat. Connecting it with the door opening took a little longer. He finally did, and now no longer paws at the glass. We are very pleased… Now, sometimes Shiner gets the idea that he wants a treat and if the slider is open, he strolls out, pokes the yellow button, and then waits to be invited in for a treat. …We weren’t able to train his dog sister, Blinkie. She has one eye and didn’t always see what I was pointing at, and would then lose interest. Since she never pawed the glass like her brother, it’s really ok. … I just ordered another one to put on the screen door to the porch. This doggie doorbell is the greatest idea ever. I’m so glad I saw it on the TODAY Show.”Blinkie and Shiner