High Point, NC |

“I wanted to let you know how much our family LOVES your doggie doorbell. We began using sleigh bells on the doorknob for our dog to hit with his paw when he wanted to go outside. But Baxter the Dog is an 11 pound mutt (pictured left), and his bell ringing was not always loud enough for us to hear in another room if the TV was on. I searched at local pet stores and online for doggie doorbells, and the reviews for other products were inconsistent. They said the dogs had trouble finding the exact spot on the pad to hit with their nose or paw……or the chime was not loud enough……or the plastic fell apart. Lots of complaints, and no raving reviews……UNTIL I discovered Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell. I like the design, the variety of chimes, the loudness, the compactness and the history of the invention. I ordered one and we leave it on the floor in the corner instead of wall mounted and it is easier for Baxter the Dog to hit it with his nose or his paw. We can hear the chime ANYWHERE in the house. The pad for Baxter the Dog to hit is very large and doesn’t require a lot of pressure. He nails it every time. It has been a lifesaver for us. I told all my friends on Facebook and email friends about it. I extremely HIGHLY recommend this doggie doorbell over others on the market. What a wonderful product ! I am a picky shopper, and I have absolutely zero complaints and only raving compliments to say about this product. It delivers 100 % of the time, and is exactly as the description says it will be. It is a HUGE convenience in our house to have this product……WE LOVE IT !!!!! “Baxter